New! Set of 2 Bowls with Stand for Small Dogs, Cats and other pets

When we get a pet at home we can observe one and the same picture: it starts behaving like a little pig when it eats. Our set with a silicone stand solves this problem once and forever. All the splashes during a meal will not get onto your clean washed floor but onto the silicone stand, which takes the heat!

We are pleased to introduce our new product:

Set of 2 Stainless Steel Bowls with Non-Skid & No Spill Silicone Stand for Small Dogs, Cats + FREE Bonus Collapsible Travel Pet Bowl

Our set will be suitable for small and medium sized dogs, cats, and other pets. The bowls do not slip around the entire room, they are always in the same place, which allows for quickly teaching your dog or cat to eat in the same place. You needn’t worry about the quality of our set, the materials are ecologically safe for your pet: the mat is made of high-quality silicone, and the bowls are of stainless steel.

You will have no big trouble keeping the set clean, as the bowls can be easily removed out of the silicone stand, and washed in a dishwasher. Don’t forget that specialists recommend to wash dog and cat bowls once per day. We always want all the very best for our pets, and for this very reason the stylish, bright, laconic design of our set will please any discerning buyer!

Our non-spill, lightweight, silicone placemat like tray is designed with dual stainless steel bowls that promote quality, flexibility, easy clean up, transport and meet all food and safety standards. It is also top shelf dishwasher safe. The silicone securely holds the bowls in place but easy to remove when ready. The silicone tray is designed with a lip to keep food and water on the mat and bottom from sliding across the floor. The Fossa silicone stainless steel dual dog bowl tray not only helps protect your floor, it’s also easier for your dog to eat from than a traditional dog bowl.

The light and flexible feeding silicone placemat weighs just 1.3 lbs and each stainless steel dish can fit 12 ounces of food or water. You can use the no spill silicone dual dog bowl set to feed two small animals or as a complete food and water area for one dog. No matter how many pets eat from our feeder it still keeps your floors cleaner that an ordinary dog bowl. This product is idea for small to medium pets.

Description, additional information and images can be found on the product description page:

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