Labrador retriever is best friend for kids

One of the best reasons why the Labrador retriever has never been unseated as the number one well-loved dog in the US and Europe is the fact that it can be a child’s best friend. The Labrador retriever has gained a widely favorable reputation of being one of the most gentle and friendly dog breeds that can work well with people, young and old.

If you are looking for the best dog breed for your family, bring home a Labrador retriever. Many families who are lucky enough to have a Lab will attest to the distinct bond that binds their children and their canine friend. Although you will be looked up as the alpha dog and your Lab looks up to you as a friend, the bond of friendship that links him to your child is out of this world—it’s strong, boundless, and unconditional.

Studies of Labrador retriever behavior has shown that its zest for life is like that of a child. Children and Labs share a sunny disposition which is infectious and both have an incomparable enthusiasm for life. One never knows when a Lab starts to mature for he will always be one happy, bouncing bundle of joy. Since your Lab loves nothing more in the world than to eat and play, your children will be spending countless hours of fun and play with your canine friend.

Labs are very gentle with the people, particularly kids. They are gifted with an instinct to detect the subconscious thoughts of the other members of the pack. They will find ways to nudge you out of your blues for there will never be a dull day with a Lab around the house.

Labrador retrievers love to spend time in the great outdoors. Instead of being indoors and staying glued to the television or with computer games, spending the day playing with your Lab is a good motivation for children to play outside, enjoy nature and have exercise.

Your Lab was primarily bred for the outdoors. The dog’s love for hiking, swimming, Frisbee, and retrieving a ball can encourage your kids to spend time outside, have fun and eventually maintain a healthy lifestyle. If your kids have forgotten the joys of enjoying the fresh air, the smell of the woods, and the wonderful feeling of rolling around on the grass, your Lab can be instrumental in stoking the fires of longing for the great outdoors.

Even though a Lab does not belong to that class of dogs which are bred primarily to protect and defend, it is considered the best therapy and service dog in the world. Aside from their gentleness, many Labrador retrievers have become famous because their loyalty and sense of kinship to their human friends have caused them to stick with them through thick and thin. Natural and man-made catastrophes have affected people and many Labs have been known to save their masters from imminent tragedy and even death. It is this gift of protection and loyalty that your Lab will bestow on you and your family.

A Lab gives unconditional love. Children sense this feeling of devotion and loyalty so much so that they don’t put up walls. Children with Labs have been observed to let go of their inhibitions and learn to enjoy their canine camaraderie without any pretenses. They will eventually imbibe these amazing traits which they can learn to express to the other members of the family.

Labrador retrievers are very intelligent thus you will have an easy time training them. All you need to have a well-mannered and well-trained dog are tons of patience, for your playful Lab will look at every activity as playtime thus you need to get its attention and let him realize that you mean business.

One thing to bear in mind though is that this dog breed has a seemingly endless fount of energy. It does not want to laze around and spend the whole day inside your house. An inactive Lab is one ticking bomb—for it can develop negative habits you will surely find very unappealing.

Just like any pet, you need to ask yourself if you have the time and resources for a Labrador retriever for a happy Lab will give you and your family the opportunity to spend many years with a loyal and loving canine friend.

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